Who We Are

The “Who” Behind Swenson Gardens

Swenson Gardens is the family-owned business of Keith and Becky Swenson of Howard Lake, Minnesota. Our fields are located one hour west of Minneapolis in an area known for its beautifully rich farmland. It is our joy and passion to grow and nurture hundreds of varieties of peonies naturally and then share them with you our customers.

Spring is a busy time on our farm! Peonies produce their stunning blossoms from mid May through mid June, and thousands of folks flock to our annual Field Days to enjoy the beauty. Gardeners of all ages, as well as photographers and painters, relish their stroll through the rows containing more than 18,000 plants.

Throughout the season our family and wonderful team of workers help with weeding – all done without chemicals. Then in the fall we dig, divide, wash and ship the roots. Each plant and root is carefully handled and packed for shipment. All of our peonies are grown chemical-free, just as God intended!

Do plan on visiting us this spring to see God’s magnificent handiwork in this lovely flower or peruse our website to get a “virtual view”!

How Swenson Gardens Began

Keith grew up raising peonies with his grandmother and loved the fragrance and look of the fluffy blossoms. After we built our first home, he longed to showcase this beautiful plant in our landscaping but desired colors beyond the traditional red, pink, and white.

He painstakingly researched peony varieties from around the world, searching for those with superior attributes. Color was important, but we also looked for plants with extended bloom times, stout stems, and crisp, clean foliage for landscaping appeal. We found wondrous peonies you won’t find in a garden store – or your grandmother’s garden! We specialize in plants with stems strong enough to hold up their own, resplendent heads and colors that will knock your socks off! Our fields are a rainbow of corals, lavenders, russets, marbles and yellows. We purchase these exotic peonies from around the globe and nurture them in our fields. Other growers offer test-tube grown “tissue culture” plants that take years to develop and tend to produce poor results. But we have committed ourselves to the old-fashioned, slower way of growing peonies because it gives you the highest quality roots. Each of our plants is a division of original, three-year-old, field-grown stock. This means you get a more developed plant and impressive results in your garden faster.

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Who we are